Commissions are: open for members only!

will do:

- tasteful nudity/slightly erotic
- nsfw
- ship art
- anthro/feral/ponies
- creatures/monsters
- blood/gore/candy gore
- weapons/drugs (ask)
- any body type

won't do:

- ship art of real people
- humans/humanoids (I suck so bad at them, sorry!)
- most fetishes or kinks (ask!)
- complex robots/mech (ask, may include a fee)
- anything hateful, discriminatory, or morally reprehensible

✶ Payment and pricing: I only use PayPal, Ko-fi, and Boosty.
I will start your commission once I receive payment, payment plans are negotiable for payments above $100.
Please pay through PayPal's Goods and Services, not doing so is against PayPal's tos!
I only accept USD, and sometimes physical items. I won't ever accept DeviantArt points, or cryptocurrencies. I only do refunds before the sketching has been completed, and a 50% refund after the sketch is finished. I will not give refunds after the drawing is complete.
If I terminate your commission at any point for any reason, other than your behavior, you will be given a full refund.
If a commission has been cancelled by you, I may re-use scrapped sketches for commercial use (such as a ych) to make up lost profit. Multiple characters (within the same piece) will be an upcharge of 80% the payment of whatever size of art you pick, other than customs, which have specific prices for extra stuff.✶ Other: I will try to ask you if you’d like changes to the artwork throughout the drawing process (sketch, color, rendering). If I accidentally forget to ask please tell me!
3 edits are allowed to the sketch and/or line art. (Unless I messed up/missed a trait on the ref sheet!)
Please provide a reference sheet of the character(s) you want me to draw. If you are ordering a custom, I will provide you with a form to fill out. You are allowed to repost and share your commissioned piece as long as proper credit is given. If a design of mine is uploaded to, credit me on site with my account: “fluxtill".
I do not allow reposting of my work if the commission is not yours.
Do not erase my signature in any way.You are not allowed to create copies, prints, and/or merchandise of my art with the intent to sell or distribute for profit. This includes anything having to do with NFT's, cryptocurrencies, and AI.
This does not apply to art you’ve made with characters I've designed. Except for NFT's, crypto, and AI. I will never allow my work to be used for grifting.



scene = $120



scene = $220

ref sheets


Ref sheets include 1 fullbody, 1 chibi, and 1 headshot.Addons:
  + accessory/item: $10 each
  + chibi: $30
  + headshot: $35
  + fullbody: $65
  + feral: $50